Breezeline Rewards
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Breezeline Rewards?

Breezeline Rewards is a loyalty program just for Breezeline customers. There is no cost for joining. You must be 18 years old and the primary user on a current Breezeline residential account that is in good standing.  

How do I join Breezeline Rewards?

You can easily join by logging into your account on

What kind of Rewards will I get?

Each month a new Reward will be added to your account. Monthly rewards range from a wide selection of different activities like dining, wellness classes, gamer access and more.  

Check back here to see the full list of rewards as they are released.

How do I get my Rewards?

After signing up to be a member of Breezeline Rewards, head to and enter your unique code. Once your registration is complete you will receive a custom link via email that you can use to get your rewards each month.  Be sure to add to your safe sender list! If you at any point you cannot find your link, please email us at and we will be happy to assist you. Breezeline will also send you your reward link each month.

What are Survey Rewards?

Some months, you will be required to fill out a survey in order to receive your reward.  All you need to do is head to and fill out the survey of the month, and a reward will be emailed to you. Please note, unlike the other months, this reward will be emailed directly to you, it will not show up in your account.

When can I access my rewards?

After entering your unique code on, you will receive an email from with instructions on how to access your rewards and via your reward link. You only need to enter your membership ID once.

Am I eligible for Breezeline Rewards?

Breezeline Rewards is available to active residential customers who are current on their account. 

Are there any costs to join Breezeline Rewards?
No! Joining Breezeline Rewards is completely free!

Do rewards expire?

Yes, all rewards expire 11/30/24 

I never received my Reward!

Check your spam folder! This is the most common reason people cannot find their rewards. If you checked and it is still not there, please contact us at

Are there any restrictions for this promotion?  
Please head to to see the full terms and conditions for this promotion.

What if I have questions about my Rewards?

If you have any questions about your Rewards and redeeming them, you can contact us at and we will be happy to assist you.


*Must be 18 years of age. Must be a legal Resident of the United States. Must be a Breezeline Customer in Good Standing. Customer reward bank will receive one (1) reward per month for eight (8) months during the promotion. Customer will also get the opportunity to receive four (4) Rewards by email by completing surveys. All customers who join the program during the promotional period will receive the opportunity to redeem all rewards. Valid credit card or PayPal account may be required for remaining balance of Reward. You may be responsible for paying taxes and fees. Reward may only be available to new customers only. Value of the reward may not cover the full cost of the experience. Each venue has its own terms and conditions you must agree to in order to use the reward. Reward codes expires on 1/31/2024. Void where prohibited and available while supplies last. Breezeline Customer Rewards Promotion contains links to external sites or other online services that are not controlled by Breezeline. Breezeline is not responsible for the privacy practices and data collection policies for such third-party services. You should consult the privacy statements of those third-party services for details. Additional terms and conditions apply here.